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Oh, How He Loves Us!

As I contemplate what to write on this very first blog post, the song we sang this morning at our church gathering is reverberating through my mind: "Oh, how he loves us - Oh, how he loves us -- How he loves us all." It is this truth that the Lord has been graciously reminding me of, loudly, this week. A few years ago, when my heart was stirred by a passage in Exodus 12, "a mixed multitude went up with them (out of Egypt)", I never would have guessed at where the Lord was leading. Like that mixed multitude that left their homes in Egypt and struck out for places unknown to follow a foreign god they could not see or hear or touch, I set out on a path toward God's plan for my life. Writing a book was always one of those things I said I wanted to do, but until I read that passage in Exodus and the Lord put the story into my heart, I pushed back against God's calling and told myself, "You can't do it, you have no talent, no one will ever read it..." among other lies. But my loving God pursued me, He refused to let me off that easy and day by day, line by line, word by word, He coaxed the story out of me. And as I wrote, and studied how to write, the passion for His calling on me became stronger. At a local writers conference I was challenged to let go of my fears and write as if only the Lord would read my book. And it was then the floodgates opened and the rest of a full-length novel poured out of me. This last weekend at the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis His calling on my life was made abundantly clear in so many ways. When I asked the Lord "Why are you blessing me, when I am so faithless?" He answered me in a clear, loud voice "Because I LOVE YOU." And oh, how our Father loves us, all of us. In the valley of disappointment, in the wilderness of wandering, and on the heights of the mountaintop. How has God shown you his extravagant love this week?