Do I Dare Ask?

My son meeting his baby sister in Feb. 2007

I lose my keys all the time. No matter that I hang my purse by the front door, or that my key ring clips to that purse. My keys have this habit of playing hide and seek, especially when I am late. Among the many things my Prayer-Warrior-Mama taught me was to trust the little things to the Lord, even lost keys. Should the Creator of the Universe be bothered with such things? Maybe not. But I firmly believe that my sweet Father uses little things to build my faith. So I pray to find my keys, or my daughter’s glasses, or my grandma’s wedding ring (thank the Lord he answered that one!) But I have been asking myself lately, am I afraid to ask the Lord for big things? Read more at (The picture above is my son meeting his baby sister at the hospital in February of 2007)

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