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Let the Sunshine In!

Spring has finally come (hopefully to stay!) here in Texas.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The birds were out making new friends, twittering and jabbering, singing praises to the Creator—the one who imagined Spring in the first place. Since it was such a beautiful day the kids and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house. We opened up all the blinds and my little seven year old helper washed the insides of the windows.

Our kitchen takes the brunt of the homeschooling mess, it’s a happy mess, but still, clutter makes me nutty. So, after a few hours of scrubbing and sweeping and mopping and organizing, the kitchen was finally looking spic and span. By then, the sun had traveled its usual path across the sky and was now shining full force through my west-facing kitchen windows.

Those sparkly-clean windows now looked terrible! The bright light had illuminated a winter’s worth of grime on the outside and my poor daughter was sad that all her