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Getting into the Flow of Writing

Have you ever gotten lost in your writing? So wrapped up in the words that time flew by without notice? Most of us creative-types have probably experienced this at one time or another, when everything around us dissolves and we are completely immersed in our make believe worlds.

I am an extreme right brain personality – much to the consternation of my poor left-brained husband. I am a writer, a singer, a musician, an artist, and a poet but I will dive into pretty much any other creative activity that tickles my fancy. So yes, my house is usually a travesty, my schedule is flexible (as is my bedtime) and I adore getting wrapped up in my writer-world and mucking around in my character’s lives.

But there are times when the words don’t flow and no matter how much I push and prod I cannot unblock the stream. During one particularly frustrating ses