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Blog Hop

I’ve been asked to participate in a Writer’s Blog Hop. I will be answering four questions about my writing and then will tag three other authors to answer the same questions on their blogs within the next couple of weeks. Check the links to their blogs at the end of this post to more about more about them and their writing. Thank you to C.Joy Allen for the invitation to participate! Find her answers to these questions at her blog over at What are you working on? As of this week I am working on some revising of my first story Counted with the Stars. CWTS is the story of Kiya, an Egyptian slave who goes with the Hebrews on the Great Exodus while refusing to believe in their invisible, and as she sees him, destructive god. I was given a great suggestion to add my hero’s first person perspective so I have been hashing through his story arc. I am really excited about the depth and layers it is adding to my story and I am getting to know Eben, my Hebrew hero, in a whole new way. When I am finished with these chapters and revisions I will return to writing the story of Shira, a friend of Kiya (and sister to Eben) who becomes a midwife at the foot of Mt. Sinai and must marry a man whose wife she believes she killed during a tragic delivery. I am also slowly working through revisions on the third book in the series, the story of Elanah, a Canaanite women who is so desperate for revenge she dresses as a man to go fight against the Hebrews but is captured and forced to marry her enemy to protect herself and her unborn child. How does your work differ from others in its genre? Biblical fiction is an interesting genre. Taking the stories already written down in the Word of God and weaving a fictional narrative in between the lines is not an easy feat. And most Biblical fiction is written from the perspective of an actual person in the Bible—Moses, Ruth, Rebekah, Sarah, etc. When I set out to write Kiya’s story I wanted it to come from a fresh, first person, perspective, I wanted to delve into what the Egyptians were experiencing during the Exodus, how they understood the events that were transpiring, and my main question was, what could possibly conv