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Limiting Distractions During Writing

Besides procrastination, the biggest hurdle in my writing life is distraction. I am a homeschooling mama who also runs a piano studio out of my home and teaches art classes. So between all that, my two kids, my husband, and a yowling Siamese, things tend to get a bit hectic in my home.

It would be lovely if I had a nice little writing studio, with a locked door and soundproof walls; but alas, my writing desk is in the middle of the melee. This is primarily why I choose to write at night, after the noise had settled. But now that homeschool is back in session and I must arise before the crack of lunch, burning the midnight oil is not feasible right now.

Since I am determined to have a long-term career as an author, I am training myself to write for several hours a day. Therefore, in the past few weeks I have been sorting out how I can get my writing time in, between homeschool sessions and piano lessons, during the day.

Since I am not naturally an organized person, I have been working hard to find a schedule that works for all of us, and stick to it. My children are getting older and are not so dependent on me to direct them in their schoolwork anymore. So now instead of dragging out my teaching time all day, I have limited it to one hour, per child, and the rest is independent work. Therefore I have three to four hours I did not have before, in which I can sit down and write. But still, distractions continued to ab