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The News I've Been Dying to Share!!!

I am coming off the mountaintop today. I

On Thursday morning, I signed a three-book contract with Bethany House Publishers-a dream that I thought was too big for God.

Now, it's not that I really think that my ambition to become a published writer was too big for the Almighty Creator of the universe. I knew in my head that he can handle my piddly dreams. But I must confess, I was afraid to ask. I was afraid to dream that big. Afraid I was asking too much. When I started this journey a few years ago, I was afraid to even put pen to paper (er..fingers to keyboard). Writing was something I said I always wanted to do. I loved writing from the time I was a little girl making up stories of princes and horses and castles.

When I was thirteen and sick in bed, I read Gone with the Wind in one day/night. And since my mother told me that Margaret Mitchell died without ever writing a sequel I decided that it was my duty to write it for her. I still remember pulling out a fresh piece of notebook paper and sitting at my desk to finish Scarlett's story. What I wouldn't do to have those pages still in my possession, I can still see that scene in my mind.