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Just One Word: My Choice for 2015

I don’t ever make New Years resolutions. Not because they aren’t a good idea, but I know my inconsistent self. It’ll last a few days and then…pfft—over. But the last few years I’ve heard this idea of selecting a word for the year. A word to ponder and meditate on. A succinct reminder of changes that I desire for the year. I can do a word. So I wracked my brain for a word that encompasses where my heart desires to move and what the Father is speaking to me. I considered one of the fruits of the Spirit because I see where I am desperately lacking in many areas. But I wanted a Word that would be the sum total of them all. The word that floated to the top of my mind and that has been speaking to me over the past few days does just that. Shalom. שָׁלוֹם We know Shalom, or Peace, to be a Hebrew greeting that means hello and goodbye, just like the Hawaiian greeting Aloha. But Shalom means so much more. The Strong’s Concordance uses some of these terms to define Shalom (#7965 שָׁלוֹם) : safe, well, happy, perfect peace, peaceable, rest, tranquility, contentment, health. The word is also related to Shalam (#7999) which speaks of completion and restoration. My year has been a crazy one—a journey that took me to lofty mountaintops and into valleys of discouragement, along streams of refreshing and into deserts of wandering. So I don’t know about you, but I am thirsty for more Shalom in my life, my home, my marriage, my children, my parenting, my career, my health, and my walk with the Father. How about you? Have you selected a word to encourage you in this new year? Did you choose a word last year and how did it affect you?