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Politics and Dead Man's Bones

We are in the throes of another oh-so-fun political cycle. The news is saturated with debates, commentary, and predictions about who will be the next President of the United States. I’ve found that at times I must turn off the TV and stay away from the political websites—not because I don’t want to be informed, but because some of the talk makes me overly anxious for the direction our country is headed politically and morally.

Now, I am not advocating that followers of Jesus should stick our heads in the sand, or that we should completely pull away from the political process. It’s certainly not my calling to be involved in politics, but I know that the Lord has called many God-fearing men and women to that purpose. However, I do think we must make sure that we have things in proper perspective.

I have begun digging into the book of Isaiah, a book which I have not read in its entirety in a long time, only a snippet here and a chapter there. Delving into such a thick, rich book is a bit intimidating, since much of it deals with the Ancient Israelites and th